OSRIC ebook RC1 (release candidate) ready for testing

OSRIC 2 ebook cover
OSRIC 2 ebook cover

eBook is complete! Having combed through the thing one last time this morning, I have posted the RC1 (release candidate) on the Usherwood blog. At this point, I need as many people as possible, on as many different devices as possible, to go through and bash the content for anything and everything. I think I caught all the issues, but that’s the thing; I *think* I caught everything.

Here’s a (partial?) list of what I was specifically looking for in my last pass;

  • A numerical indicator is not separated from its unit of measure by a line/paragraph/page break. For instance “100 gp” or “90 ft” always appears on the same line, no matter what line length you are viewing it at.
  • All quotes and apostrophes use typographer’s (curly) quote marks, not vertical “hash” marks.
  • All in-text references are hyperlinked.
  • The longer measurement (height vs. width) of all images is 400 pixels.
  • Hyphenations in tables that indicate a null value are set as em dashes.
  • Spell names and magic items referenced in the narrative are italicized.
  • It should always be “to hit”…not ‘to hit’ or to-hit or “to-hit” or any other permutation when discussing an attacking roll specifically.
  • A multiplication symbol is used when indicating multiple quantities of something. We (I) had a mixture of multi symbols and “x’s” occurring throughout the narrative and treasure notations.
  • If a paragraph starts with NB:, it should be formatted as footnote (small) text with a bold lead-in. If a paragraph starts with Note:, it should be formatted as a normal paragraph with a bold lead-in.
  • When a spell is reversible, the word “(Reversible)” is smaller and roman appearing next to the spell name in its description.
  • When used by itself, “HD” appears all caps. When preceded by a number, it is lowercase (i.e., 2+1 hd). The same rule applies when denoting hit points.

“Features” you might notice;

  • Some (but not all) top-level heads are forced to the top of a new page. This usually has to do with where I broke the XHTML files in order that the content will load faster.
  • All tables should be set to 100% of the column width. A few tables have content that will span more than your viewable window.
  • Hyphenation may appear within headings, and other awkward situations. I cannot figure out how to control hyphenation zones, or how to turn it off in an ebook CSS. If you know how, please enlighten me; hyphens in headings really piss me off. (I know the rules for controlling this in CSS for web pages, but it doesn’t seem to carry through into ebook formats. But, maybe it’s a just a quirk of ebooks we have to live with for right now.)

Given all this, as far as I can tell, I am ready to release this upon the World! But, I want to make sure it really is as 100% as I think it is. So, have a look at the  epub and/or the mobi which you can download from the Usherwood Adventures website, and let me know anything you may find.*

If you alert me to performance issues (slow loading, missing/non-displayed content, over-lapping content, whatever) make sure to let me know what device you are looking at it on. I have been testing the file on Adobe Digital Editions 2 on Mac, iBook on an iPad 2, Kindle Viewer on Mac, and Kindle Previewer on Mac.

I would like to give credit to all ebook testers on the Contributors page. So anyone who has provided feedback from the Alpha version on will see their name under the listing “ebook Testers.”

* I may choose to let some things go.

Good gaming,

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