Revolvers & Wizardry update

RnW_bugWork progresses, albiet slowly, on the OSRIC Weird-West expansion that is in preparation for the Door of Infinite Portals update.

The most recently completed development milestone, is the line art for the firearms that will be featured within the expansion; a selection of pistols, rifles, and shotguns (which I have termed ‘scattershot’). Also, in the development of rules descriptions for these weapons, I have gone into some small amount of history to explain where these items originated. In this, the expansion will feature four specific historic groups of warriors; Union Knights (gunslingers), Confederate Marauders (frontiersmen), Myrlunds (doctors), and Minotaurs (as PCs).

Firearms to be featured within the Revolvers & Wizardry Weird-West Expansion for OSRIC
Firearms to be featured within the Revolvers & Wizardry Weird-West Expansion for OSRIC

Other recent additions to the R&W expansion;

  • New weapons; bull whip, boomerang, Bowie knife, slingshot, military saber, bayonet
  • New combat options; one-shot kill, showdown, using two firearms simultaneously, firearms versus undead
  • New creatures; assassin bird, carnivorous cattle, desert raider (inspired by the sand people in Star Wars™), gummersaurus (a three-stage creature inspired by the Tremors movies and TV series), frontier hag, hyenawere, nameless stranger (undead creature inspired by Clint Eastwood’s High Plains Drifter character), prairie lobster (inspired by the lobstrocities from Stephen King’s Dark Tower books), titanic rattlesnake, titanic tarantula, gargantuan tarantula hawk
  • New magic; grasses to provide healing, summoning, poisoning, ESP, and hallucinogenic spell-like effects (still in-progress)

Good gaming,

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2 Responses to Revolvers & Wizardry update

  1. Colin Chapman says:

    Hey mate. Long time no speak. Nice to see some of the development work on R&W. Drop me an e-mail and we’ll have a natter.

    • Kramer Kramer says:

      Heya Collin, yes, it’s been quiet, but work on the Rovolvers & Wizardry supplement for OSRIC that will be included in the second edition of The Door of Infinite Portals does continue. In fact, I have included here a couple images of new creatures that we will be seeing within that supplement.

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