InDesign novice?

indesign2013_RPGNcoverIn my (now defunct) career as a freelance graphic designer, I had occasion to be an instructor at Everett Community College, where I taught courses in the Adobe Creative Suite applications (InDesign and Acrobat most specifically). Recently, I have had a few instructors (located variously in Australia, California, and London) request to use my course materials in their teaching curriculum. This has spurred me to update and continue developing this material for casual and new users of InDesign.

The PDF and required exercise files can be purchased at for just $1.00*.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Interface Overview

The Quickstart screen and Creating a New Document
The Control bar
Customizing your Workspace(s)
Customizing Menus and Panels
Saving your Workspace(s)
Exercise 1: Starting a new project template

Lesson 2: Working with Text Styles

The Paragraph Styles Dialog
The Character Styles Dialog
Exercise 2: Creating and editing text styles

Lesson 3: Working with Tables

The Table Styles Dialog
The Cell Styles Dialog
Exercise 3: Creating Table and Cell styles
Other creative uses for Table Styles

Lesson 4: Working with Objects

Formatting Objects
The Object Styles Dialog
Importable Graphics
Exercise 4: Creating and editing object styles

Lesson 5: Working with Master Pages

Creating and Organizing Master Pages
Basing Master pages on other Master pages
Exercise 5: Creating and editing master pages

Lesson 6: Working with Editorial Controls

Working with the Story Editor
Working with Search and Replace Routines
Dynamic Spell Checker
Exercise 6: Creating search and replace routines

*price subject to change without notice.

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