Caravans of Blood Pass; book 2 of the Towers of Mysteries

As I continue with the post-production check list for both Revolvers & Wizardry and The Door of Infinite Portals (ebooks and POD editions), I am also now beginning book 2 of the The Tower of Mysteries entitled The Caravans of Blood Pass.

The Caravans of Blood Pass alpha cover concept.
The Caravans of Blood Pass alpha cover concept.
Final colored line art
Final colored line art

As is typical of my projects, a simple premise—party travels from point A to point B and is harried by several humanoid tribes—is developing into a something more far extensive. At these initial stages where I am just beginning to flesh out the skeleton of the outline, there are hints at power struggles between the humanoids that the party can take advantage of, multiple routes through the Pass that the party can use to their advantage or bad fortune, and extensive miscellaneous encounter tables. Multiple trips through the Pass and surrounding areas should provide several gaming sessions worth of challenges.

And of course, there will be more encounters involving the Tower of Mysteries itself, as continued from The Door of Infinite Portals.

At this time, I am estimating a page count of 120 pages, 9 separate but inter-related adventuring sections, numerous new creatures and new magic elements. Involvement with the Revolvers & Wizardry supplement is not planned, but, you never know may surprise me as events evolve.

Planned release date for Caravans is Summer 2017.

Good gaming,

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