Bone-Hilt Sword Campaign

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Yrchyn, the tyrant, The Shattered Skull, The Shadowed Keep, Valen’cya’s Horde, In the Halls of the Mage-King

The Side Trek Adventures:
Each of the five books contains one or more side trek adventures. These adventures can be run in conjunction with, or outside of, the books themselves. In each case, only a rough overview of the side trek adventure itself is offered to the GM, although more detailed versions of the side treks may be offered as published adventures in the future.

The Bone-Hilt Sword campaign is the titular sequence that launched the Usherwood Adventures campaign setting. Starting in a small village located on a remote peninsula in the north of the continent, the party is set on a path to thwart the negligible threat posed by a tribe of kobolds, and so discover their path crosses that of a powerful lich located at the seat of power in the largest city-state of all Vermé.

Book 1: Yrchyn, the tyrant; the freshman party invades the caves of a tribe of kobolds to thwart the kobold king’s plans to dominate the peninsula.

Errata | Highway Bandits | Eyes in the Hills

Book 2: The Shattered Skull; the party’s incursion into the kobold tribe’s lair reveals further designs by a tribe of orcs located beneath the kobold cave complex. Within the orcish caves, the party reveals a deeper evil with designs to wrest power over the entire continent.

Errata | The Deeper Darkness | The Pursuit

Book 3: The Shadowed Keep; the party’s mission to the caves of the orc tribe known as the Shattered Skull places them on the path to a remote mountain citadel known as Fortress Forza. There, they must retrieve an artifact of ancient evil before the minions of the Mage-King.

Errata | The Legacy of Homer GutherieVan’triev, the Betrayer

Book 4: Valen’cya’s Horde; whether it’s a dungeon-delve to steal a dragon’s accumulated wealth, or whether to destroy the evil artifact found in Fortress Forza, the party now finds themselves confronting an ancient, undead dragon and her minions of dragomen, known as dragon hordlings.

Errata | The Codex of the Pirate Kings | Terror in the Streets of AquilaThe Bloody Waters of Tuhlimeh Sodkhar

Book 5: In the Halls of the Mage-King; against their will, the party is thrust into the top-most chamber of a tall tower. To escape, they must make their way through the tower, solving puzzles, disarming traps, and defeating the Mage-King’s lackeys before finally exploring the haunted catacombs beneath the tower.

Errata | Imperium in Stasis | The Endless Desert | Arielle’s Secret GrottoBorhněv: The Darkness beyond the Tower


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  2. Picked up the campaign preview and cannot find anything in it that gives an e-mail address to reach you. (Mind you, my eyes could be fooling me again.) In your listing on DTRpgNowdotcom, you tell us to e-mail you with our e-mail address so that you can reach us when the Bone-Hilt Sword book is ready to order at our lovely, lovely discount.

    Therefore, I am reduced to the pitiful crawling creature you see before you, who has crawled into your blog to leave a comment which really isn’t a comment about the post on which I’m commenting. Or something like that. (Now my head hurts.) So here am my e-address: MormonYoYoMan (at) gmail (dot) com. (Don’t look, spammers.)

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