Tower of Mysteries Campaign

The Tower of Mysteries campaign is an ambitious project that will run mid-level player characters through to high levels, should they survive the gauntlet of tests they will undergo. A campaign in six parts, the Tower of Mysteries includes;

Book 1: The Door of Infinite Portals; an ancient, magical portal re-appears throughout the history of the world. Once trapped inside, the party must find secret keys to unlock the door, and return to their home. Along the way, they are introduced to a mysterious citadel called the Tower of Mysteries.

Book 2: The Manuscripts of Edric Mabillia; to uncover the secrets of a long lost tome of forbidden lore, the party must enter the Library of Carastrid—a most ancient source of immortal knowledge—to seek answers contained within the scrolls authored by the ancient bard and sage, Edric Mabillia. But to uncover those secrets, the party must face the Infernal Labyrinth. And what part does the entrance to the Tower of Mysteries play in the party’s future?

Book 3: The Bard of Eternal Illumination; bards have long played an important role in the forging of fortunes upon the continent of Vermé. But the Bard of Eternal Illumination—once a bastion in the forces of good—has turned her sights against the world at large to pursuits of a more self-serving nature. And within the Tower of Mysteries she believes all her questions will be answered. Will the party discover the bard’s plans for the Tower before her designs can destroy the Tower utterly?

Book 4: The Engineer of Dread Machination; known across the continent as skillful engineers, individuals who follow the profession of the Jack-of-All-Trades are widely respected and sought after for their diverse skills. However, there is one among their number who seeks to harness the power of the Tower of Mysteries in order to unleash a horror upon the face of the planet. Can the party stop the Engineer before his machine is loosed upon the continent?

Book 5: The Psion of Vacuous Thought; are your players prepared for the power of psionics? This adventure pits the party against a myriad of psychically endowed monsters, as they find themselves similarly empowered. Have they the wherewithal to defend themselves against the powers of the mind? And witness the players as they defend themselves against the power of the Tower of Mysteries itself, as it attacks their subconscious minds.

Book 6: The Tower of Mysteries; the party must enter the mysterious tower that has plagued their recent adventures, and unlock the door at the top-most level. What secrets await them at the final door? Only by climbing the Endless Stair will they uncover the doom that awaits them in the Tower of Mysteries.

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