In the Halls of the Mage-King

Note: All artwork and cartography included on this page are copyright © James D. Kramer, and may not be reproduced in any form—printed or electronic—without the expressed written permission of the copyright holder. The exception to this allows for the necessary printing of the artwork(s) for the playing of the games for which the artwork was created.


In the Halls of the Mage-King includes several opportunities for the players to move outside the scope of the authored adventure. Although the author encourages GM’s to develop these side-treks on their own, several pages have been included here to assist GM with the most noteworthy of those areas; Imperium in Stasis, The Endless Desert, Arielle’s Secret Grotto, Borhněv: The Darkness beyond the Tower. GM’s are encouraged to leave their suggestions for these areas as well.

High-resolution maps

Tower of Xerksis; tower levels
Tower of Xerksis; catacombs
Camp of van Nuys, the traitor
City-state of the Imperium Vallis
Island of Isle dar de Xerksis
The village of Usherwood; starting point of the Bone-Hilt campaign
The Usher Arm Peninsula, located on the southern coast of the Northern Territories.
The continent of Vermé

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