The Power of the Immortals Campaign

Planned for 4th Quarter 2013 initial release, The Power of the Immortals campaign will send 4 to 7 high level PC’s from the darkest depths of the Underworld to the furthest reaches of the Outer Planes of Existence. Early outlines of this campaign break the story down into five epic adventures, set in the Usherwood Adventures campaign setting. Each installment is planned for characters of levels 10 to 15. Tentatively, these books are;

Book 1: The Library of Carastrid; the party must investigate mysterious happenings at this oldest of libraries, where numerous tomes of ancient and sometimes evil learnings are maintained by unknown forces.

Book 2: The Well of Gods; the party follows an ancient and mysterious cleric deep into the Underworld to investigate reports that the Divine Orary—a machine that monitors the activities of the myriad Gods—has ceased to function.

Book 3: The Spire of Xao; traveling the Outer Planes of Existence, the party enters into the Spire of Xao—a limitless tower constructed at the center of the Known Planes; touching on them all.

Book 4: The Iron Citadel of the Lich-King; the party is cast into the gray wastelands of Hades, confronting the diabolic demigods who rule there through cruelness and hate.

Book 5: Restoration of the Balance; several gods have been destroyed or cast into the Endless Void, and now the out-of-balance Multiverse has been propelled onto a path certain to destroy it all…unless the party can restore the sundered gods to their rightful place in the heavens.

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