Side Trek: The Codex of the Pirate Kings


Alighting on the shores of Lagott Island, the party finds the pirates have a well-established village. The village however is a front to just one of many cave complexes the pirate community uses to hide its vast hoard of wealth. Rumored among this treasure is a  massive book in which is documented the rigid code laws governing the pirates. Possession of the book (possession, as everyone knows, being 9/10ths of the law) effectively grants the possessor rulership over the the myriad pirate kings.


The caverns beneath the pirate village frequently flood with the incoming tide, and without knowledge of when it safe to enter, explorers to the complex will likely become trapped, and at risk of drowning. The chamber where the book is held requires anyone making the attempt to swim though 100-ft of submerged tunnels (at low tide) to as much as 500-ft (at high tide). Within the large treasure room, the pirates will have set many deadly traps to protect their vast hoard of precious coins, jewelry, gems, and magical items. The book itself is located within a series of locked and trapped boxes, which are themselves at the end of an elaborate and deadly gauntlet of thiefly tests.

In order to claim lordship over the pirate kings, the holder of the book must carry the book to the highest peak of the island, whereupon is located an ancient ruin. The ruin itself is occupied by a powerful protector that must be defeated before lordship can be recognized.

If anyone actually manages to rest the lordship from its current owner, they will immediately become the target of assassination, until the point at which they are able to establish their own pirate ship, and fully man the vessel.


The entire population of Lagott Island is to be considered 3rd level fighters. In addition, there will be numerous magic-users and clerics who serve the 12 ships’ captains who will be at harbor. The captains are the equivalent of 7th level fighters, and these are each supported by a bodyguard of six 5th level fighters. Unassociated with any particular ship, there are also a host of Verméan Bards (see the Usherwood Adventures Expansion for OSRIC) who entertain the locals at the many inns and taverns.

The recognized current pirate lord is a 9th level fighter who will ruthlessly protect his current status. This lord is accompanied by a personal bodyguard of twelve 6th level fighters, two 5th level magic-users, and a 6th level cleric.

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