Side Trek: Terror in the Streets of Aquila


Pirates have landed on the southern peninsula of Gaufridius Ioco Island, and they are hell-bent on the destruction of Aquila. Dozens of blood-thirsty pirates are running amoke through the streets of the quiet fishing village; burning, pillaging, and raping as they go.


It is the middle of a cold, fog-shrouded night when the first hint of anything amiss breaks the quiet darkness. The shriek of woman breaks the silence, and then all hell breaks loose. Dozens of pirates are found running through the street, razing terror with anyone they encounter. Their attacks seem random and without purpose, until the party realizes the pirates are closing in on the Mall; the platform that houses the mayoral “mansion” and other official buildings (refer to the Valen’cya’s Horde adventure for information).

The pirate band’s goal is to take the village by force, and wresting under their control, in an attempt to expand the pirates holdings beyond Lagott Island.


There are three ships involved in the raid, and they have anchored off the southwest shore of the island in order to launch a surprise attack against the village, as well as to protect the ships from retaliation. The pirates have attacked the village with a force of forty 3rd level fighters, two 7th level fighters (ships’ captains) and their twelve 6th level fighter body guards. Also accompanying the fighters are two 5th level magic-users. A detachment of fifteen 3rd levels fighters, commanded by a 7th level fighter (captain), and a 5th level magic-user have remained behind to protect the ships.

If the party can slay the two raiding captains, the other pirates will retreat to the boats to regroup, and plan a new attack strategy. Capturing the captains will cause the other pirates to pause in their fighting, but will not elicite a retreat.

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