Side Trek: The Bloody Waters of Tuhlimeh Sodkhar


Pursued by pirates through the deadly Tuhlimeh Sodkhar, the party’s ship finds itself trapped between a rock and a hard place as deadly sahuagin begin attacking the vessel from below. The party’s only option may be an alliance with the pirate ship that even now begins to overtake them.


Traveling north around the Isle of Valen’cya the party’s ship itself pursued by a pirate ship intent on capture. As the ship rounds the cliffs of Khurklut, the sea around the vessel begins to bubble as uncounted humanoid creatures break the surface and begin attempting to scale the sides of the ship. As the pursuing pirate ship closes in, the party can see that it too is under attack by the sahuagin raiding party.

As the attack progresses, it becomes obvious the pirates are less concerned about capturing the party’s ship, and more concentrated on simply escaping the situation. And though it seems that neither ship alone will not be able to repel the attack, perhaps together the two ships might succeed.


Pirates (pursuing): Twenty 3rd level fighters, one 7th level fighter (captain) and his six 6th level bodyguards, and a fifth level magic-user.

Sahuagin: Forty warriors, ten bodyguards, two war chiefs, three priestesses, one baron.


Ship’s crew: fifteen 2nd level fighters, one 6th level fighter (captain) and his four 4th level bodyguards.

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