Side Trek: The Pursuit


The adventurers have successfully completed their mission. Having exited the caves of the Shattered Skull, the party has now set camp for their first evening away from the complex. In the dead of night a drenching rain begins to fall, and thunder crashes all around the hills and mountains. A lightning flash reveals dozens of humanoid forms in silohuette on the hills surrounding the party.


The noise of the storm obscures the sounds of the advancing enemies. The enemies moving against the party number in the dozens, and the assembled horde is bent taking the party’s treasures, and it will pursue the party until its numbers are destroyed, or it has taken the party’s riches.

The horde will cease any attack in which it looses 10% or more of its numbers in order to regroup. It will not attack again for at least 8 hours.


30 orcs; armed scimitars and heavy crossbows. HP 8.

10 ogres; armed with clubs. HP 20.

20 kobolds; armed with short swords. HP 4.

15 goblins; armed with maces. HP 5.

20 human fighters; armed with long swords and short bows, armored with chain mail. 3rd level fighters. HP 24. AC 5

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